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Citizens' Political Resources


U.S. Focused Citizens' Resources U.S. Congress Legislative Information from The Library of Congress C-Span Networks U.S. House of Representatives Home Page Current House Floor Activities

Freedom Speaks political social network based on communication with our elected officials "free & open-source public resource website, putting new tools for engaging with Congress at the center of the site experience"  A project of the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation.

KnowWho officials, media, lobbyists directory for Microsoft Outlook, events, bills, & other data solutions E-The People: Interactive Town Hall, 140K officials e-mails and other officials, the media, and more using mass email campaigns. Part of an extensive network of websites from VoteLink, vote weekly on issues Decisions of the US Supreme Court Search Govt Docs in the news from the Univ of Michigan

NRDC Legislative Watch - Natural Resources Defense Council

IGC Internet -- The Progressive Community, Institute for Global Communications Electronic Privacy Information Center: research center focusing public attention on protecting our rights to online privacy, civil liberities, and constitutional values Electronic Frontier Foundation: defending
our rights in the digital world, blending the expertise of lawyers, policy analysts, activists, and technologists Liberty Online, Thomas Paine Library American Newspeak: Orwell was Right Activism Made Easy Seattle Community Network, Political Action Iowa Electronic Candidate Commodity Market

World Political Information - Worker Oriented Weblinks