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The New Web Media

Berkman Center for Internet & Society honest broker in the conversation about the Internet

MediaShift  Your guide at PBS for the digital media revolution hosted by Mark Glaser. Tracking how mobile devices, social media, citizen journalism and new technology are changing the media landscape. 

Slate News & Politics (far reaching and intelligent)

The Huffington Post   American news website, content aggregator, and blog founded by Arianna Huffington, featuring columnists and various news sources. The site offers news, blogs, and original content; covering politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living, women's interest, and local news. It was the first commercially run, United States digital media enterprise to win a Pulitzer Prize, and is ranked #1 on the 15 Most Popular Political Sites ... Drudge Report (Matt Drudge is Walter Winchell of the Internet), (A Free Press for a Free People) Public Documents from The Smoking Gun What’s New at the WELL (SanFran’s Whole Earth )˜Lectronic Link) The World According to Gilder Index, Forbes series on new technology impact SITO Online Art Collective, )˜pushes the tech boundaries of Web collaborative art’ An E-Zine for Thoughtful People, The Utne Lens, alternative journalism, The Zine of Zines (fan mags and underground pubs) The Book of Zines, Readings from the Fringe Bob’s Fridge Door, Bob Hirshfeld: Skewed News from a Cyber-satirist BRETTnews: Zine for Thought and Fun, 50's journal sytle for todays news Disinformation: The Subculture Search Engine, iconoclastic, anti-censorship Web site for gurls RealTelevision: Is it Art or Television? Guide to the Postmodern Scene covering the online and high tech The Web’s Multimedia Station, over 35 weekly shows, 150hours a month Mother Jones Exposes and Politics, (the 60's yet survive) The Hole Mirth Catalog: Hole City, latest cultural trends in movies, tv & critic.. Time Warner’s online pubs, Time, Vive, People, ET weekly, Sports, Fortune