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Political Organizations 

See also the Political Advocacy Groups section of this website under the Citizens Resources tab. 


Alternative Taxes

American Cause

American Foreign Policy Council

Border Control

Campaign Conduct

Center for Governmental Studies

Christian Coalition

Citizen Advocacy Center

Common Dreams


Conservative Caucus

The Constitution Society

Consumer Project

Democracy 2000

Democracy Net

Eagle Forum

Effective Congress Comm

Elect Net

Empower America

Excellence in Gov

Foreign Policy Assoc.

Free our Parks

Frontiers of Freedom Institute

Future China Research

Gov. Oversight Project

Green Power

Hellenic Resources

Heritage Foundation

Immigration Reform

Independence Institute

John Birch Society

John Locke Foundation

Leadership Institute

Less Government

Libertarian Feminists

Macrocosm USA

National Strategy Forum

National Taxpayers Union

New Democrat Network

No Labels  "No Labels is a movement of Democrats, Republicans and independents dedicated to the politics of problem-solving. We stand united behind a simple proposition: we want our government to stop fighting and start fixing."



Our Nation

Ploughshares Fund



Public Eye

Public Integrity

Public Policy

Rainforest Action Network

Republican Congressional Committee

Republic Women

Rock the Vote

Smart Voter

Tax Justice

Town Hall

Unity & Struggle

Vote Smart

We the People

Welfare Information

Welfare Watch

Whistle Blower Center

World Citizen Web