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Stephen Starrett
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Experience with all aspects of establishing and developing as a research, consultation, and author resource with links for university students, scholars, consultants, and writers interested in government, political science, economics, philosophy, media, law, history, community, and citizenship.

Professional assignments included website development and composition as well as spreadsheet and database application including the most advanced Microsoft Office programming of databases, presentations, charts, graphs, pivot tables, report generation, formula and auditing, data consolidation and filters, analysis, variable scenario projection, what-if analysis, application customized design, import and export, linked spreadsheets and databases, as well as web page application embedding.

Six years Project, Executive, & Administrative Assistance experience. Proven ability to plan and implement projects, reports, presentations, compositions, and analysis for a wide variety of clients with a comprehensive skill set. Prior experience as Secretary, Customer Service Representative, Receptionist, Surveyor and Fundraiser bestows polished compositions and excellent communication professionalism.

Broad academic understanding and know-how with over 200 credits earned at the nation's very best universities. Specializations include Government, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, English, Media, Film, and Legal Studies.

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician training completed (MCDST).



Founder & Owner

Establishing and developing as a research, consultation, and author resource. Experiences include content composition and editing, active link verification, link summary and relevance judgment, deployment of appropriate advertising and social website embedded modules, planning and design of advertising campaigns, and web search engine optimization. Formulated overall website design, page categorization and internal hyperlinking, indexing, website search module development, website traffic analysis, customer tracking ability, billing and payment acceptance methods.

2004-2008  Kelly Services

Administrative Assistant

Posted leading regional newspaper's real estate web listings: composition, editing, web research, and records. Previous experience as customer accounts representative. Other assignments included Excel, PowerPoint presentation, and Internet research.

2002-2003  Spherion at Harvard University

Project Assistant and Executive Assistant

Assisted with design customization, formula, and formula auditing of accounting spreadsheets and their layout for a Vice-President at the Harvard Business School Interactive. Responsibilities included Design of three to five year variable scenario forecast Modules in Excel, integrated fiscal year summaries, data analysis reports, as well as internet pricing tools, PowerPoint presentations, and Access quarterly reports. Designed database applications in Access and Excel for established format MS Word reports. Pursued Internet based contact searches and bibliographic research. Composed auto-personalized (e-mail merge) correspondence from Excel/Access databases. Developed Excel based grant database at the Harvard School of Public Health.

2002-2003  Hollister, Boston, MA

Administrative Assistant

Conducted marketing, social, and political opinion surveys, filled in as Receptionist. Named "Employee of the Month." Experience as professional fundraiser for a U.S. Senator and also The Special Olympics.


Harvard University, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Cambridge, Ma

Pursuing a degree in Government and Economics, part-time, evenings. Honors GPA

Roxbury College, Boston, MA - President's and Dean's Honor Roll Lists - 2002

Boston University, College of Arts & Sciences, Boston, MA

Academic Scholarship, Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (pending) 1999

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