About The Acdemic Portal

Mission Statement

Greetings Dear Scholar:

The Academic Portal is a research, consultation, and author resource providing a directory of links for university students, scholars, advocates, and writers interested in government, political science, economics, philosophy, media, law, history, community, citizenship, and other academics.

Please explore these pages in the humble spirit with which they are offered. That is in the hope that while they contain little actual knowledge, it is postulated the portal will act as a guide providing direction along the path of those seeking knowledge, and importantly, wisdom in its application. Specifically, those who enter shall make themselves amenable to the use of such acquired for the good benefit of all mankind. May you, Dear Reader, therefore triumph with the spirit and wisdom in knowing that it is, after all, only love of ourselves, of each other, of all mankind ultimately, that must be recognized as the only available true possession.

Presented with the purpose of summoning a spark of spurring inspiration,

Stephen Starrett,

Founder of The Academic Portal